Flight Movie Review

This movie is a remarkable one. A substance abuser pilot who managed with some illusion to save the soul of several passengers on board becomes a hero. Denzel Washington brilliantly portrayed his character at his best performance. This is a great story, from a director who knows how to craft his visualization to drive his audience to an unforgettable experience. The movie is deep and emotional; it’s a powerful one. It tremendously drives the audience into the entertainment world. This movie is one of kind ones that keep the audience on the edge of their seat.


Flight_Poster flight-bruce-greenwood-denzel-washington copy


Music Video Project

This is some raw footage of a new music video that I’m working on right now. This music video is about someone who has a dream to become a writer. After many obstacles, she finally writes her first book but still struggles to publish it or finds a publisher. She decides to publish the book herself and become very successful from it. Hard working deserves a price; she’s happy and celebrates with those who helped her along the way. Notice that no color correction has been made to this video yet. As you can see, in a small production team, one man can end up filling many positions or involving in many things. However, I like to work with my editor although I usually tell him what I like or want. The video is still in post production but working hard to have it done by the end of this month.

Dream Inspirational Video

This video is a great inspirational and motivational asset for someone whose about to give up on his dream. One needs to believe on his/her dream and not let anyone’s opinion changes that characteristic that will make such dream become a reality.  This video reflects my situations right now. At a few months to complete one of my journeys, receiving my Bachelor Science Degree, I’m facing so many hardships right now that I want to give up everything. A single father of a 16 years old girl and a 8 months old boy, jobless, between homeless, depress and sickness, I learn to be strong and fight my way out of this mess. This video inspires me to protect my dream, to believe in myself, to get up after kicked down and proceed. I will not stop until I live my dream!