About Me

BenPic   My name is Ben P. Aurelien and I’m from Haiti. From stage play to cameraman, it’s been almost two decades that I become a passionate for this industry. I had the opportunity to work with different cultures and ethics either in a low-budget project or to a co-production project. I’m a producer, director and cinematographer for more than a decade now in the Haitian Movie Industry. My passion is being a well-known cinematographer or producer in the Caribbean and the rest of the world. What make me pursue this industry it’s obvious. I want to be the new face of the filmmaking Industry of the Caribbean nations. That’s why I’m currently attending Full Sail University for a Bachelor Science Degree in Digital Cinematography to transform my dream into a reality in a near future. I know that not every filmmaker in the industry had the opportunity to go to school or have a type of degree but the most recognized ones did.

Thus, my passion for film production started way back to the 80’s after watching Annie, John Huston 1982. With that passion still burning inside, I have a new vision for the Caribbean Filmmaking Industry that will implement the way we used to make movies. I’m your innovated Caribbean Student Filmmaker reference for all your video production needs.


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