21Pictures Main LogoWelcome or FADE IN to Ben P. Aurelien’s website. As a young innovated cinematographer, Ben will take you to an adventure that you will always want to come back and experience it over and over. In this website, you will be able to discover the work of this talented Cinematographer who’s passion is to promote some of the most beautiful sites or locations from the Caribbean. His work includes different cultures and ethics. He’s fully equipped with the latest innovative lighting techniques and camera placement and movement techniques that will help your productions shine. You can contact him for all your production and/or pre-production needs, specially your location scouting needs in the Caribbean. Check the “About Me” page to have a better idea of him and his work. Then, go the “Testimonial” page and read what others have to say about him and his work. Go to his “Blog” page, which is considered the educational section of the site, updated weekly with the latest information regarding the innovation of the technology.  The “Work” page that’s featured his latest work, trailers, pictures and Demo Reel of different projects is what you don’t want to miss. For educational purposes, this site is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on current and future filmmaking technology including, lighting design workshop, digital camcorder hands on workshop, production and post production techniques workshop etc. Please do not hesitate to comment, share or follow his blog. Weekly, new updated information is featured on the blog page that will contribute greatly to your knowledge and your production needs. Come back any time to find out what’s featured on your favorite site, you will always welcome.

See you later or FADE OUT.


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